Is it a bird? Is it a plane?



NO, it’s ME, supergirl!

I can do anything & everything,

which is why you will soon

see brand new pages here

written by my different parts.


This is a rather daunting undertaking

as I am not used to allowing them to be creative seperately,

except on rare occasions.

(I know, Jenny has her own page already,

that’s because she’s the proverbial “squeaky wheel!”)




Well, this is one of those,

“To everything there is a season,” kind of thing.

You see, I’m trying really hard

to respect my individual parts.

Lately it’s come to my attention

that some of them are about to wither away,

so nearly completely have I neglected and/or failed to cherish them.


“Don’t worry, everyone.

I’m finally getting it.

You’ve always been there for me–

it’s time I started being there for you!”



2 thoughts on “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?”

  1. We had an alter “die”. She was inactive for about 2 years I think it was. She was overwhelmed and under cared for and she simply folded. she went to sleep and stayed asleep for nearly 2 years. It took that devistating loss for us to realize that our system HAD to turn from protection to self care. We focused on protecting ourselves from others and neglected caring for the inner family. Now, we ask each other how they are doing. We play games together. We communicate during those games in a positive way. When we play Bejeweled it is not uncommon to hear someone say, “ah, good move.” when we do a super destructive gem bomb thingie.

    not that you have said this but, disregarding insiders is like disregarding a soldier that fought a horrible war then came home to rest only to be rejected and uncared for. If they fought and fought hard because they thought I was worth fighting for is it right for me to dismiss them just because the body was born to me? No. How ungrateful I would be to abandon them just because I no longer need them to fight so hard to save my life? If you think about it in these terms you can see each person with their true value and worth. It’ll be easier to care for them.

    keep up the good work. keep moving forward.

  2. Bless you, Aussie, for taking the time to write me about this. When you mentioned your part that died, my heart lurched. How sad! And I can so see something like that happening within my system if I’m not careful. I’ve been selfish in a sense, wanting to not be bothered with all of them–unless, of course, I needed them to handle something for me.

    You are right to say that disregarding insiders is like disregarding soldiers of war who have fought on our behalf, and seen terrors we’ll never fully know. (OK, I guess you didn’t say that last part about terrors, but it sure applies, doesn’t it?)

    I’m excited to be at a place in my life where I’m wanting to get to know each unique part, and to “come out” so to speak about my DID. I’m so weary of feeling like a fraud!

    Thanks again for your encouragement, it’s just what I needed!


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