Bits and Pieces

I’ve added lots of new material to my sidebar. Please take a moment to scroll down and check it out, and if you have a chronic illness (as so many of us survivors seem to), you’ll especially not want to miss the article, “But You Don’t Look Sick!” The author explains chronic illness in such a creative, simple fashion that it’s easily grasped even by those who don’t suffer from constant pain and sickness.


I’d like to encourage  all newcomers (or those who are especially fragile)  to read my page, “A Necessary Precaution,” before browsing this blog. I’ve decided to drop all trigger warnings on my postings, and this will explain why I made this decision.


(Enough, already . . . I’m ready for fall!)


4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces”

  1. Beautiful Dreamer:

    I do apologize; I meant no offense or insensitivity. I’ll gladly remove your link. I’m not particularly promoting the “Adult Sites;” it’s more like acknowledging that I’ve run into them and some, although in that context, are really fairly well written.

    I do understand your request, however, and am happy to oblige.

    My apologies,

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