Autumn Leaves


This is my granddaughter, Nana’s little helper, raking leaves last fall. Our front yard tree becomes absolutely gorgeous this time of year.



(For more photos of my granddaughter, click here.)


4 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves”

  1. ok. first, your grand daughter is beautiful!
    second…i wish i could help you with your coffee making… (smirk, snicker…sorry :D)
    third, having grown up in the great northwest, i share your love of thunder storms and rain! rain is a blessing most people dont see. rain makes green. green makes green fire on overcast days. and air too. green makes good air.
    i hope you get all my comments…mostly it always looks like my comments dont take…then you answer so i have to think they must show up after all.
    then theres always email 🙂

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