Things that pleased me this week:

Reading 2 chapters of Henry & Beezus to Jenny last night . . . the beautiful necklace and earrings made for me (for my birthday) by a daughter in-law . . . receiving 3 orders for my softies . . . holding my new grandbaby on my shoulder while typing using the hunt & peck method on the keyboard (to write this post) . . . thinking of a fun story to write to help lure Funnygal out of hiding (though it’d be much funnier if she helped write it, hint) . . . receiving a new piece of artwork, made especially for Jenny.



2 thoughts on “Things that pleased me this week:”

  1. Oh yeah… I know all about trying to do stuff while holding a baby. Fun way to get coordinated hey??? I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beautiful.

  2. I’m using the hunt and peck method with my 3 year old on my lap right now…….and all typos are because of her “help” 🙂

    I’m glad that you were able to read two chapters. It sounds like it was a good week!

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